This is a list of userboxes that you can put on you page!

Credit to the Sam and Cat Wiki for the userbox template.

To insert them put the code in {{ }}

Gibby7 This user can't wait to take their shirt off for Gibby!

Code: Wait

Created By: The Benster

There is no way out This user has no way out of loving this wiki!

Code: NoWayOut

Created by: CCC

Keep Calm This user cannot wait for Gibby!

Code: CalmGibby

Created by: DeeMoShow (talk)

4f9f7cb829084 This user is an admin


Created By:Dance4Life

Adminy This user is an admin!

Code: Admin2

Created by: DeeMoShow (talk)

Chat-mod-logo This User is a chat mod


Created By: Dance4Life

Rollback This user is a rollback!

Code: Rollback

Imported by: DeeMoShow (talk)

GibbyFatCake This user is a bureaucrat!

Code: Bureaucrat

Created by: DeeMoShow (wallcontribsedit countlogs)

Noah Munck This user has made one edit!

Code: FirstEdit

Created By: DeeMoShow

159px-Jennette the Jedi This user has made 10 edits!

Code: 10Edits

Created by: DeeMoShow

GibbyCandles This user has made 50 edits!

Code: 50Edits

Created by: DeeMoShow (talk)

Super Mario Gibby This user has made 500 Edits!

Code: 500Edits

Created by: DeeMoShow (talk)

NoahMunck2 This user has made 1000 edits!

Code: 1000Edits

Created by: DeeMoShow

Candy This user loves candy.

Code: Candy

Created and Imported by: This is the true meaning, let it be.

Character: Gibby

Tumblr lzifutUKPw1rnuno0o1 400 This user loves Gibby!

Code: LovesGibby

Created by: DeeMoShow (talk)

Guppy This user loves Guppy! ^.^

Code: Guppy

Created by: DeeMoShow (talk)

Tumblr m2wi0aLD9J1qasfsmo1 500 This user loves Giga Pudding

Code: Pudding

Created By: Dance4Life

Gibby Nose The nose knows all.

Code: Nose

Created by: DeeMoShow (talk)

GibbySings This user hopes Gibby will sing in the show.

Code: GibbySings

Created by: DeeMoShow (talk)

Gibby with Celebrities

One Direction This user loves One Direction!

Code: 1D

Created by: DeeMoShow (talk)