Gibby Gibson

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January 20, 1995 (age 18)
Full Name
Orenthal Cornelius Gibson
The Gibster
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Guppy Gibson
Charlotte Gibson
Baggles( strangely Husband)
Taking his shirt off
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Orenthal Cornelius "Gibby" Gibson will be the main character in the new Nick show Gibby, who is the first character who appeared in the TV series, iCarly. He will be the mentor of four off-beat middle-school students in a recreational center. Gibby is acted by Noah Munck.                                                   


  • Gibby's first appearance was in the iCarly episode, iDream of Dance.
  • Gibby became an iCarly main character in Season 4.
  • It was revealed in the iCarly episode iWin a Date that Gibby's middle name is Cornelius.
  • When nervous, Gibby likes to draw on fruit.
  • Gibby does not like bar soap, and prefers liquid soap.
  • He frequently gets kicked out of Build-A-Bra.
  • Someone is driving a car with an "iHEART Gibby" license plate, Dan took a pic (May 17, 2011) in his tweet.
  • Gibby has a little brother named Guppy.
  • Gibby is the only character who is older than his actor, in this case Noah Munck.
  • It was revealed in the iCarly episode iStill Psycho that Gibby's real first name is Orenthal. That the name is spelled Orenthal and not Warenthal has been confirmed in this tweet.
  • Gibby's last name "Gibson" was also the last name of a character from one of Dan's other show "What I Like About You."
  • He has applied for the Platinum Music Awards by sending the video of him singing Loving You to Mason  Thornesmith in the Victorious special "Tori Goes Platinum".
  • According to his friend Carly, Gibby has a therapist.
  • Gibby's mother dated Spencer in iCarly.
  • Gibby is known to be weird.
  • He loves to take his shirt off.
    • He stopped doing this in Season 4 of iCarly.

Fun facts according to Freddie's blog on iCarly.

  • Gibby gets service at any store in Seattle, even without a shirt or shoes.
  • A school in Texas uses Gibby as their mascot. They're called the "Fighting Gibsters."
  • The President has Gibby on speed dial. Gibby sometimes doesn't answer.
  • Gibby already has next year's Pear Phone.
  • Lettuce tastes better when Gibby washes it.
  • Gibby isn't Team Edward or Team Jacob. He's Team Gibby!
  • When Gibby eats at a restaurant, the waiter tips him 25%.
  • Spring doesn't start until Gibby sees his shadow.
  • Gibby has floor seats at Lakers games, but lets Jack Nicholson use them occasionally.


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